Wet Sanding / Color Sanding

Hands-down the scariest but most satisfying process that can be done to your paint to give it that flat mirror-like finish eliminating orange peel or extremely heavy clear coat and paint defects. Definitely not something you want to try yourself.

“We work around your schedule, never leave our clients less than 100% satisfied, and our car detailing professionals can make even the most visually neglected vehicle feel like new again.”

  • Clean and decontaminate paint surface
  • Measure paint thickness to determine how much clearcoat or paint we can sand and polish safely
  • Machine sand with dual action sander paint starting as aggressive as 800 grit and working our way down to as fine as 5000 grit.
  • Machine polish out sanding scratched to a mirror like perfect finish

Price $1000

Time 8-12 Hours

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